Black Owned Restaurants and Diners in Washington D. C.

Photo: moolisa8 via Instagram

With the surge of new businesses and residents in the District, many natives are being displaced. The culture and dynamic of the city is changing, but there are places that still encompass what once was Chocolate City. We’ve compiled a list of go-to black-owned restaurants in Washington D.C.  These 10 restaurants have been around for years, are staples in their neighborhoods and are known by most native Washingtonians.

1. Woodland’s Vegan Bistro

2. OOhh’s & AAhh’s

3. Osman & Joes’s Steak’n Egg Kitchen

4. Horace AND Dickies

5. NegriL

6. Bukom Cafe

7. Teddy’s Roti Shop

8. Dukem restaurant

9. Florida Avenue Grill

10. Ben’s Chili Bowl


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