Black Owned Farms You Should Know


The Blak Business Directory’s purpose is to connect the black consumer with black businesses and black organizations.  One our passions is food.  I know many of you have heard the stories of food deserts in our communities and other groups that set up businesses and don’t have our best interest .   The very basis of self sufficiency and self reliance is to be able to feed ourselves.  That starts with where the food is grown.  It is well documented that the Department of Agriculture aggressively pursued a policy to take black farms from black farmers.  Well we may have been hurt but there are still a few farms and coops we should support whenever possible.

Below you will find a list of Black Owned Farms where you can source real food.

New York City

  1. Black Urban Growers
  2. La Familia Verde
  3. The BLK ProjeK 
  4. East New York Farms


  1. Healthy Food Hub
  2. Trinity United Church of Christ Farmers Market (Summer)
  3. Your Bountiful Harvest Family Farm


  1. Five Seeds Farms
  2. Tha Flower Factory
  3. The Greener Garden


  1. Boxcar Grocer
  2. Patchwork City Farms
  3. Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Ag


  1. Afroculinaria
  2. Community Farming Alliance
  3. Good Sense Farm
  4. Three Part Harmony


  1. Afrika Town Community Garden
  2. Farms to Grow, Inc.
  3. People’s Grocery
  4. Phat Beets Produce

Los Angeles

  1. The Ron Finley Project
  2. Sola Food Co-op
  3. South Central Farmers’ Cooperative
  4. Community Services Unlimited


  1. D-TownFarm


  1. The Philadelphia Urban Creators
  2. Mill Creek Farm

If you know of any other Farmers or organizations please leave us a comment with the name.

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