Eight Black Owned Cosmetic Companies


1. AJ Crimson Beauty

Black Owned Alternatives To Black Up Cosmetics | Natural Sara

AJ Crimson is best known as a celebrity makeup artist who has probably laid hands on at least one of your faves. AJ Crimson recently launched his own rapidly expanding cosmetic line which includes foundations, BB Cream, cheek stains, powders, and lipsticks. His products have a range of shades to suit women of all colors.

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2. Ashunta Sheriff

Black Owned Alternatives To Black Up Cosmetics | Natural Sara

Ashunta Sheriff is another celebrity makeup artist who has worked with almost everyone you love, most notably Alicia Keys and currently Taraji P. Henson.

“Ashunta realized early on that no woman was one even tone, in fact many women had multiple tones from redness, broken capillaries, hyper‐ pigmentation, dark circles or discoloration from birth marks. Ashunta began using two shades of foundation to properly even out her clients complexion and give them a lifted, sleek, flawless face. This is how The Perfect Face was born. Ashunta wanted to bring her technique to women so they could achieve a flawless face, a Perfect Face”

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3. Coloured Raine

Black Owned Alternatives To Black Up Cosmetics | Natural Sara

“With an innate desire for true beauty, Loraine dreamt of a cosmetic line that encouraged self-expression and creativity. From that dream came to life Coloured Raine. Founded in 2013, Coloured Raine is an edgy collection of bold eye shadows, nail polishes, lipsticks and glosses that break all barriers in the cosmetic world”

If you have an Instagram you’ve probably seen Coloured Raine up and down your timeline. Where to purchase

4. Magnolia Makeup

Friends Niala and Tia founded Magnolia Makeup in 2008. They describe their New Orléans based company as “a company devoted to color. We are trying to fill a void in the cosmetic industry and our tool is the spectrum. At Magnolia Makeup we are known for our highly pigmented products. We want to continuously supply our customers with quality, fun makeup for any occasion”

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5. Ginger + Liz

“Ginger + Liz Colour Collection™ is the popular brand of vegan friendly and toxin-free nail lacquer with a devoted base of style setting customers and celebrity fans. The collection was created in 2010 by Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett, friends that bonded over all things beauty with a particular love (or what some might call an obsession) for nail lacquer. The women also made a strong connection over their personal journeys to becoming vegan and vegetarian and how it positively affected their overall health and beauty regimen”

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6. Black Opal Beauty

Black Opal was created with the belief that “beauty comes in all shades.” With an unprecedented knowledge in product development, shade matching and clinical research, their team of experts work one step ahead of the latest trends and technologies to offer an impressive range of high-intensity shades and premium-quality formulas that complement and enhance the many faces of beauty.

The most popular items are the full coverage foundation sticks because they cover very well without being too cakey. Where to buy 

7. Lip Bar

The lip bar exists to empower women and challenge the standards of beauty. Beauty shouldn’t compromise health. The lip bar team believes that beauty isn’t linear and that through non-traditional ingredients they can encourage women to be themselves. Their lipsticks offer a unique blend of natural ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil and jojoba oil. These ingredients are designed to moisturize, soften and amplify lips while setting consumers apart with intoxicating bold colors. Where to buy

8. Shea Moisture Cosmetics

Black Owned Alternatives To Black Up Cosmetics | Natural Sara

Shea Moisture Cosmetics are Non-Comedogenic, which means they don’t contain ingredients that will block pores. Natural minerals help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can achieve all-day coverage and a smooth, soft finish. Shea Moisture has a pretty extensive cosmetic display at Target. You’ll find blush (both cream and powder), CC cream, lip glosses, lip stains, and even makeup brushes.

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