150 Businesses The Black Community Needs Today


When you look at our community and you see vacant lot after vacant lot you start to wonder why.  There are over 1.9 million Black owned business however it never seems like there are enough of any type of businesses that we as a community need.  I looked at the business data based on the 2007 consensus that tells us the type of  black businesses we have and  I compiled a list of businesses we need today.  if you are looking to start a business this might be a great list to choose from.  Check it out. Click on the business to learn more.


  1. Accountants
  2. Actuaries
  3. Air Conditioning Contractors(HVAC)
  4. Ambulance Services
  5. Apartment Rental / Property Management
  6. Apparel – Men Women and Children
  7. Appliance Dealers
  8. Architects
  9. Athletic Clothing Suppliers
  10. Athletic Shoe Dealers
  11. Auto Parts Dealer
  12. Auto Sales (New) and Used
  13. Automobile Rental
  14. Automobile Towing
  15. Bail Bonds
  16. Bakery
  17. Banquet Facilities
  18. Bridal Shops
  19. Banks
  20. Building Materials Dealers
  21. Cab companies
  22. Cable Installation Services
  23. Cable network
  24. Car Washes
  25. Carpenters
  26. Carpet and Rug Cleaners
  27. Charter Bus Services
  28. Child Care Centers
  29. Chiropractors
  30. Circuit Boards Repair and Service
  31. Cleaning Supplies Dealers
  32. Cleaners
  33. Clothing Alterations
  34. Coffee Houses
  35. Coin Op Laundry
  36. Computer Network Consultants
  37. Computer Programming
  38. Computer Service/Repair
  39. Computer/Technology Instruction
  40. Concrete Contractors
  41. Concrete Cutting Contractors
  42. Consumer Electronics Dealers
  43. Convalescent Care
  44. Court Reporters
  45. Credit and Debt Counseling Services
  46. Data Processing Services
  47. Delicatessens
  48. Discount Stores
  49. Doughnut Shops
  50. Drywall Contractors
  51. E-Commerce Consultants
  52. Electrical Contractors
  53. Employment Agencies/Consultants
  54. Engineer
  55. Excavating Contractors
  56. Farmers
  57. Fencing Contractors
  58. Film producers
  59. Fire Damage Restoration
  60. Floor Covering Dealers
  61. Food Service Supplies Dealers
  62. Freight and Trucking
  63. Frozen Yogurt Shops
  64. Furniture Dealers
  65. Gas Stations
  66. Gift Shops
  67. Glass Dealers/Installers
  68. Graffiti Removal Services
  69. Graphic Designers
  70. Grocers
  71. Grocery Stores
  72. Gun Dealers
  73. Handicapped Transportation Services
  74. Health and Diet Food Producers
  75. Heating Contractors
  76. Home Builders
  77. Home Inspection Service
  78. Hospital Equipment and Supplies
  79. Housecleaners
  80. Illustrator
  81. Insulation Contractors
  82. Investment Advisory Service
  83. Janitors Equipment & Supplies
  84. Jewelers
  85. Landscape Contractors
  86. Limousine Services
  87. Locksmiths
  88. Martial Arts Instruction
  89. Masonry Contractors
  90. Maternity Shops
  91. Medical Claims Billing
  92. Metal Scrap Dealers
  93. Microbrewery
  94. Mortgage Brokers
  95. Motels
  96. Musical Instrument Dealers
  97. Music Labels
  98. Mixing Engineers
  99. Nail Salons
  100. Natural Pest Control Services
  101. Nightclubs
  102. Oil and Gas Extraction
  103. Oil Change & Lube
  104. Opticians
  105. Organic Food Growers/Supplier
  106. Painting Contractors
  107. Pallet Suppliers
  108. Sports Agent
  109. Physical Therapist
  110. Pipe Contractors
  111. Plumbers
  112. Podiatrists
  113. Product Design Services
  114. Publishers
  115. Radio Stations
  116. Real Estate Appraisers
  117. Real Estate Title Services
  118. Real Estate Surveyors
  119. Real estate developers
  120. Roofing Contractors
  121. Restaurant Supplies Dealers
  122. Scrap Metal Processing
  123. Screen Door/Window Dealers
  124. Securities Brokers
  125. Security System Dealers
  126. Security Guard Services
  127. Siding Contractors
  128. Small Manufacturing – Metal Products
  129. Solar Energy Systems Dealers
  130. Sound System Dealer/Repair
  131. Sporting Goods Dealers
  132. Staffing Services
  133. T-Shirt Dealers
  134. Tax Return Preparation
  135. Television stations
  136. Tile Contractors
  137. Tire Dealers
  138. Truck Dealers
  139. Tutoring
  140. Auto Repair Service
  141. Videographers
  142. Website Designers
  143. Web Developers
  144. Wedding Planners
  145. Window Dealers
  146. Wine Dealers
  147. Wineries
  148. Wrecking Services
  149. Online Businesses
  150. General Contractors

These are just a few of the businesses that are lacking in our community.  We should take a serious look at how we can begin to create zones where these businesses can locate and that Black entrepreneurs can get a How to get Started for each of these businesses.  How to Coming Soon.

  1. Los Angeles has always had a very large and successful community of black owned businesses that have spaned decades. Lots of options to support black owned businesses in L.A., lots of em. All 150 types of businesses on this list, the black community already has it in spades, especially in Los Angeles which has long been a hub for successful black owned businesses and black entrepreneurs for decades even generations. Going well over 150 years to Biddy Mason, a former black female slave who migrated out west and became an entrepreneur. She was born a slave and died a wealthy business woman. Ray Charles said that “L.A. is the place where the Negro can spread his wings”. And W.E.B. Dubois said that “Nowhere in America is the Negro so well housed than in L.A.”. L.A. was a black mecca long before Atlanta got up and running like that. In fact, since its early inception L.A. has always been and still is a black mecca. On the list of the 10 wealthiest black communities in America, the top three are in Los Angeles. I wonder why? Well thats cause Los Angeles was a black mecca then and its a black mecca now. Its has one of the few remaining centralized black business districts in America, even though we have currently 2.6 million or more black owned businesses in this country with 1.3 million businesses owned by black women. But L.A. is so popping and rich with black wealth that the hood looks nicer than a lot of suburbs. Most cities around the country can’t say that. You can be in the ghetto in L.A. and don’t even know it. I’ve seen that for myself. But anyway, lets toast to the Golden State.

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